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Aug 3, 2013
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I took buuba to a vet because he had a problem with his anal glands. it was infected and now hes been better for for 7 months but recently i took him to the groomer to get it expressed because i noticed he been scooting on his bum. there was a vet there who went in internally and expressed them it was impacted alot she said but good thing i got him there when i did she said i brought him home and now its non stop licking and trying to lick or bite his bum and scooting again what do you think is the problem? and worms no way. please help? it so bad that he up all night long licking his paws scratching and scooting :(:(:(:(:(
I looked for your problem online and this sounds like what you might be going through-

Your dog emitting a foul, fishy odor from its behind is usually the first sign that their anal glands may be infected. Humans typically don't notice their dog's anal glands until they actually become an issue. Your dog dragging its butt along the ground or carpet is another sign- as is the trail of sticky substance they leave behind that smells like rotting carcasses. This is their anal glands expressing on your carpeting, and you need to take action. Your dog may also chew or lick at its rectum more often, and have watery or runny stools in addition to dragging their butt on the ground. If your dog just plain stinks, it's time to take them to the vet or professional to have their anal glands expressed.

Hope that helps, either way I would take Bubba to the vet and get a second opinion.
thanks so much I will do that he had a accident and went all over the bathroom floor today I will be going to vet again asap
Yes if it was impacted he may have developed an infection. Poor baby! Let us know how the vet appointment goes.

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I agree with the others, have it checked for infection

hope he gets better soon
Let us know how the vet visit went.
thanks so much I will do that he had a accident and went all over the bathroom floor today I will be going to vet again asap

How's Bubba's hind end today? had you seen the vet again?
My first Frenchie had problems with her anal glands. After her vet expressed them a number of times, he suggested to feed her pumpkin twice a week. It worked like magic and I didn't need to have them expressed again. I hope Bubba feels better!

Hi everyone thanks for your concern bubba not looking good his bum still giving him problems hes on antibiotics but it doesnt seem to be getting better he still scooting his butt its irritating him the good news he still has a hearty appetite My poor boobie but im going back monday to see what can the problem be Now thanks for everyones concerns and bubba says thank you too
Hi wow pumkin....what kind of pumpkin?( from a can or roasted in the oven?) Can they eat the seeds? Thankyou so much!:)
Poor baby!!!! I wonder if he has a tail pocket? I know Frenchies can have them, and they are really quite common in English bulldogs. A tail pocket is like a hidden cave under the tail. A great place for bacteria and yeast to grow. The only way to know if one is there is to dig under the tail and above the anus.

As for pumpkin, it's awesome stuff!!! You can get it at the supermarket, it's canned. Make sure you get 100% pure canned pumpkin- not the pie filling.

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When Bubba is feeling better, you can try the canned pumpkin. I use to give my first Frenchie two or three tablespoons twice a week as a dessert.

Now with Cosette I give her petite carrots everyday as her snacks and it really helps.


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