As I Grow-By Sargeant LaBounty

It may be my computer here at work, but I can't see the picture. :(
Duh, now I see the link, I'm a little pre-occupied today, trying to find my own puppy! :)
Love the black spots on his mouth :w00t:
You have to press the link and it opens a new tab and takes you to the video on my FB page. I had trouble too.
Hi Gidget, the French Bulldog, it's me Sergeant LaBounty from French Bulldog News. You're pretty cute Where do you come from? My mom watches a lot of people who raise the creams. You look like a very nice one. We "Liked' your FB page. It's a nice one:p
Love the black spots on his mouth :w00t:

And I noticed that in his 'baby' pics they were very visible but they went away as he grew up!!! Or maybe they didn't... I will have to watch the video again and compare to his b-day pic. :blush:
I liked yesterday!! :up:

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