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Jul 13, 2013
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I have an 8 year old Border Terrier and a 5 Month old French Bulldog, the frenchie is not neutered yet, the border terrier is though. He likes to be top dog. The border terrier is passive while the frenchie pushes his way into everything. He doesn't like the attention to be taken away from him and given to the terrier.
If i call the terrier over to me, he will come in smack his bum in the terriers face and sit right in front of him and me!
If new people come into the house he'll jump at the terrier to push him out of the way. I'm in the process of getting him to sit and wait, and then, I can pet the terrier while he is sitting there, after a while he inches in and I have to go through the same procedure again.
It is funny to see it, but not so funny for the terrier, who's letting him do it.

I have to add that the pair of them get on great! The frenchie love the border terrier.

Any clues or ideas.

Are French Bulldogs known to behave in this manner or is it a puppy attention seeking thing. :confused:
Well mostly it's just a puppy thing and he needs to learn, but also the bully thing too, so you have both of those things going on. Frenchies are very social dogs anyway and love attention. Just keep working with him and it will get a little better.
I think your frenchie is jealous & wants it all HAHAHA. I think making him sit is a good idea. Otis was the one here that pushed everyone out of the way to get attention, the other dogs didn't care so it worked most of the time. Every once in a while there would be a tiff because of it tho
Thanks a million!
Forums are new to me, this is the first one I've joined, so trying to get used to the whole thing
I thought it might be a puppy dominance thing, I'll keep an eye on it.
Thanks for help :D
I agree with the others.... Frenchies are attention hounds. LOVE being in the middle of everything Nd follow you like a shadow
My Babetty does the same thing to our poor cats. She's lucky they're nice and don't take a claw-full out of her!