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Apr 6, 2013
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BeBe is a two year old cream French Bulldog. After coming out of the puppy mill, she was very shy and reserved. She soon became very loving and playful. BeBe loves to snuggle up with you on the sofa for hours, but will also go outside and play fetch. She has learned to walk well on her leash. She is doing really well with her potty-training but needs someone who has the patience to continue to train her. She has lots of love to give and does well with other dogs. Her foster family has a Frenchie that BeBe loves to snuggle up with.

BeBe's ideal family is one filled lots of love because she has come love and trust people. She does well with kids. Being a Frenchie, she needs lots of love and affection. After spending her first two years in a puppy mill, she certainly deserves it. She will make her forever family very happy.

Temperament: BeBe is sweet, inquisitive, and playful. She loves to snuggle up with her foster parents and their Frenchie. She will want to snuggle in bed with you, if you don't mind Frenchie noises. She is a bit of a toy hog but is learning that sharing is caring. Being a two year old, she is still learning what she can and can't get away with but responds well to redirection. She learns new things everyday and you can't help but fall in love with her.

Good with children? BeBe does well with children that are toddlers and older. Her foster family's friends' children come over on occasion and BeBe loves them and the kids love her. She gets along great with kids.

Cats? Unknown. BeBe has never been around cats.

Other dogs? BeBe gets along great with other dogs. Her foster family's Frenchie and her love to snuggle up together in a Frenchie cuddle puddle. They love to play with each other. BeBe is a social girl that loves to meet new four-legged friends when we go on walks to the park. She gets along well with a variety of dog breeds, but likes fellow Frenchies the best.

Food aggression? No food aggression, she eats well even with her foster family's Frenchie.

Diet: BeBe is currently eating Earthbound dry food twice a day. She gets the occasional sweet potato snack as well.

Health: BeBe is a healthy girl. She is up to date on all of her vaccinations. She has a very silky coat and no food or skin allergies. She has been spayed and had her palate trimmed as well. She is negative for heart-worm and has no joint or hip problems.

Crate-trained? BeBe is crate trained, but has spent enough of her life in a crate. Her foster family only crates her when they run errands because while she is mild-mannered under supervision, she will get into trouble if left home alone with free reign of the house. Her ideal family is one in which there will be someone home a majority of the time to give her the love and attention she needs and deserves.

Housebreaking: BeBe will not go to the bathroom in her crate. She doesn't have to go in the night if she is sleeping with you in your bedroom. She needs to be taken out to go potty every four hours unless she is taking a major snooze. She still has the occasional accident, so her forever family has to have the love and patience to continue her housebreaking.

BeBe's Ideal Home: Her ideal home is one filled with lots of love and kindness. She has had enough hardship in her life and deserves the best. She needs a family that likes to snuggle and won't mind if BeBe lays curled up in your lap for hours. She loves the sofa and bed, so her ideal family is one that wouldn't mind spoiling her in these ways. She is a lover and needs a family that has plenty of time each day to spend with her.

BeBe loves toys. Her ideal home will give her chew toys and play fetch with her as well. Since she is two, she loves to go for walks and get some of that teenage energy out. Her forever home should not mind taking her for walks.

She does well with other dogs, especially other Frenchies. So her ideal family can have other dogs or not, she will do well in a loving home with or without other dogs. The same goes for a home with children, BeBe does well with kids that are toddlers and older, but since her foster family hasn't seen her around infants, it wouldn't be advised for her to go to a family that has kids younger than two.

Does this snuggle bunny sound like the right fit for your family?

Bebe's adoption fee is $750.00

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Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website ---> frenchieporvous.org

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