I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Booty~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Iowa


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Southwest Iowa
Age: 8 yrs
Sex: Female
Weight: 28 pounds
Kids: Older, 10+, dog-savvy
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Preferred
Adoption Fee: $250.00

Booty has boogied over to the available page! This sweet girl came to FBRN as a breeder surrender and was promptly put on a diet and sent to the vet for a spay. Now that she’s healed up from her spay surgery, she is ready to find her forever home and get settled in!

Booty is such a sweet girl and gets along with everyone! Other dogs? Yes! Cats? Yep! Kids? Yes! But since Booty is deaf, sudden movements little children make might scare her a bit, and little kids are not always careful about closing doors (very important to keep gates and doors closed with a deaf dog because, of course, they can't hear you call them back!), so older kids would be better for Booty.

Because Booty spent the first 8 years of her life as a breeder, she really didn’t understand what this whole "being a pet" thing was all about. In her foster home, if someone went to pick her up, she could pancake right down. She wouldn’t really seek out anyone but now, she’s getting so much better. She will ask for attention and come to you for pats. She’s getting a lot better about not pancaking down when you pet her. She’s just still unsure about the house pet gig but boy, she really deserves it.

Booty loves to be outside in the yard and explore. Short walks are okay with Booty. Nothing too long though. This girl has a long palate so she can overheat easily and struggles with breathing if that happens. Because she’s still getting used to being a house pet, she really doesn’t know what toys are. She will sometimes carry one around but hasn’t really played with one yet.

Booty could be placed in just about any type of home but preferably, one without many steps. She has short little legs and while she can navigate stairs just fine, we don’t want her to overwork herself. She does need a family that is home a lot or one who can take her out and about with them. She’d make a great office dog. She’s really a good girl and could probably find her own little spot in the office. She loves to meet new people and new dogs. Otherwise, a potty break during the day if you work all day would really help her.

Booty is working on leash training and is doing well so far. She’s also working on learning her potty skills. She’s doing really well with housebreaking and if she’s kept on a schedule, she does great! She likes it if you go out into the yard with her. She doesn’t want you to go too far. She’d do best with a fenced in yard so she has a place to potty off leash but we’re certain she could learn to potty on leash if need be!

Booty is completely deaf. She takes her cues for the other dogs in the household and is really doing well with that. She also can have breathing problems because her soft palate is very long. She normally doesn’t have any trouble breathing and can even run and play in the backyard. If she gets extremely stressed or too hot, she can have a hard time breathing. If her breathing begins to sound distressed, she should be put in a cool, quiet area so she can calm down. She has mild allergies that are controlled with quality dog food and regular bathing.

Wanna adopt?

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