I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Chevy~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ontario


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: SE Ontario
Age: 6 years
Sex: male
Weight: 25 lbs
Kids: no
Cats: no
Dogs: yes
Fenced Yard: not required
Adoption Fee: $500

Chevy is a very laid-back lovebug who just wants to spend time with his human. He just needs a short walk around the block and a warm lap to keep him happy! He gets along well with other dogs, but wouldn’t mind being an only pet to hog all the love! This guy is a real Velcro dog, preferring to be with his people as much as possible. He hasn’t been around cats and per FBRN’s policy will not be placed in a home with kitties. Though he is fine around children, given his past, a child-free home would be best for Chevy.

While Chevy is mostly housebroken, he really dislikes being crated and suffers from separation anxiety. When left alone he gets worked up and will have accidents in the house. For this reason he would do best in a home where someone could be with him all day, or someone that could take him to work with them. Chevy needs a lot of attention, and he will require a forever family that understands his separation anxiety and is willing to work with him.

Chevy is very weak in his back legs, and his new family will need to keep an eye on them going forward. X-rays showed that he has slight thinning of his vertebra in two areas (odd-looking spinal x-rays are the rule, not the exception, when it comes to Frenchies, so it's just a wait and see thing). He also has potentially has a seizure in the past--we aren't sure, it only happened once--and although hasn’t had any further episodes, will need to be monitored for future changes.

Wanna adopt?

Please visit the French Bulldog Rescue Network's website and fill out an application. Click the Frenchie you are wanting to adopt, and you will find an "Apply For Me" button on their information. Please be sure to read their adoption process. Here is the link:


To view more Frenchies from FBRN, follow this link:


Please let them know you found them on French Bulldog News! :)

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