Clash and I

Tommy Montgomery

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Dec 13, 2013
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New member from Arizona, my wife and I got Clash July of this year and he is now 8 months old. Definitely my best friend and the first dog we have in the house, very happy we chose to get a Frenchie!

Count Clash on Halloween
Welcome!! Clash is adorable! Where in AZ are you?

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Thank you all very much! We're located in Sierra Vista Arizona, how about your self?
Welcome to the site and Clash is a very handsome boy.
:welcome3: to FBN that is one very handsome vampire.... great costume!
Hi to Clash and family from Anne & Gidget in VA. Love the costume! Gidget will be glad to see others in costume!
Welcome! Clash is very handsome. My boy is 8 months old as well, we got him in June.
Welcome to the site! Clash is a cutie little boy! :welcome4:
What a beauty! Hope you have fun here too!����