Diva is obsessed with her stocking!


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Apr 15, 2013
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I went to PetSmart the other night to get the pups their presents, and ever since I hung up their stockings, Diva has been OBSESSED! She will just sit and stare at them for HOURS! I don't know if she can last till Christmas! :)

photo-29.jpg photo-31.jpg

And here is Gio, he was my shopping buddy! He "shopped till he dropped"!



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Such a cute picture of Diva. I think she is hoping the stockings fall so she can get the goodies! Gio is so cute in the cart surrounded with packages!
When I put our stockings up, Jax immediately knew which one was his and he keeps staring at it and there's nothing even in there yet.
Too funny, wonder what Diva is thinking. :) plus your mantel is beautiful. Gio looks like a great shopping buddy.
That would make a great Christmas card for next year! :heart:
So funny and cute how she is sitting and waiting for it to fall down for her.

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GIO..... :rofl: :rofl:..... get me home Mom, I'm done!

Diva... is one FOCUSED little girl... give me MY TOYS!!! :hissy:
Love both of those pictures! Amazing dogs.

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I agree that would be a great Christmas card

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I had to look for this thread just so I could share it with anyone who missed it last year. I think it's adorable!
You gotta get that made into a Christmas card!! Too cute, and I had a good chuckle!!