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Aug 9, 2013
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Cosette 's eyes are often watery and the whites of her eyes close to her nose are slightly red. It's not allergies. Is this normal ?
Buster's eyes are a little watery, too. He doesn't get eye goobers like past EBs have. Next time I take him to the vet I'm going to have him look at his eyelids and see if they are turned in at all and if it is the lashes contacting the eye. He doesn't have any redness.
Has she been diagnosed with a eye infection? Bella's run all the time but the one time they got really red I took her in and she had doggy conjunctivitis,

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No eye infection, the vet said her eyelids may be turned in which seems to be a bully thing.
Anyone else has this experience?
Only with English Bulldogs. 2 of them had surgery to correct it, Ruggles is one of them!
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Lisa, the first Bulldog that had his eyes done was Harley. We had our regular country vet do it. Both vets in the clinic thought they came out fantastic. I thought they made his eyes look square. I am exaggerating, but I wasn't happy. Then I found out they had not done that surgery before. Fast forward to Ruggles,different vets, but still country vets, they had done eyes before, didn't take off too much. They came out perfect!
Alice definitely has you covered..... please keep us posted.
Thank you Alice and Christine.

I want to find an experienced bully vet and have him/her take a look at Cosette.
I looked at the first pictures I took of Cosette ( 6 months ago) and she had the watery eyes. I know her former owner took her to the vet regularly.
Don't want to see her uncomfortable.

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