I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Flirt~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in North Dakota


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: North Dakota
Age: 6
Sex: Female
Weight: 26 lbs
Kids: Maybe; dog-savvy, 8 years +
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: No preference
Adoption Fee: $500

Flirt is an all –around happy frog who lives for attention from her people and loves to flop over for belly rubs. She was surrendered to FBRN by a breeder, and she sure is happy about it! Flirt’s foster mom reports that she is a joy to be around and has the cutest little butt wiggle around. She gets so excited to see her people that she wiggles and dances around whenever they come home. If you’re looking for a couch potato who loves you so much that she follows you around the house, look no further! Flirt is your gal. And why wouldn’t she be? This frog is pretty much perfect. She is not high energy and she enjoys hanging out with other dogs. She loves to play chase with her humans, and her favorite toy is a Nylabone. She is affectionate and silly, and she enjoys short walks around the block.

Flirt has not been introduced to children, but we think she's very easy-going, and a dog-savvy, quiet, older child who can understand that she's new to the world of living indoors would be fine.

Flirt is house trained and crate trained. She hangs out in her crate while her foster parents are at work and doesn’t seem to mind. She would do fine in an apartment or a house. Flirt would be a great office dog—when she’s not charming the pants off your coworkers, she’ll happily spend her days snoozing in her office bed. Flirt does have an inconsistent prolapsing anus, but this doesn’t seem to bother her at all. After she does her business, it will come out a little and bleed a little bit, but corrects itself after a few hours. Flirt doesn’t seem to notice. Her adopter should be okay with wiping her butt with a warm paper towel after she goes potty so that she doesn’t get blood on whatever she sits on. We are hoping that with better food her condition will repair itself. Flirt’s jaw is also a little crooked, which means that her tongue adorably sticks out almost always!

Wanna adopt?

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