I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Gibson~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Canada


Apr 23, 2013
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Name: Gibson
Location: BC, Canada
Age: 9
Sex: Male
Weight: 25
Kids: No
Cats: No
Dogs: Probably not – see bio
Fenced Yard: No preference
Adoption Fee: $250


Gibson has returned to FBRN and is once again in search of his forever home. His adoptive family found his behavioral issues to be more than they could handle, so he is back with his foster family.

Gibson is 9 years young and healthy besides some vision impairment due to cataracts. He could stand to lose a little weight, but luckily this boy loves to walk so he should be svelte in no time! He also loves playing with tennis balls and Nylabones, and going for car rides! Gibson is housebroken and will go into his crate, but really doesn’t like being crated. He may have some continence problems, because he will occasionally let fall a wee pooplet as he is going upstairs.

Gibson is smart, but has some behavioral issues that his future family will have to continue working with him on. He is very reactive, primarily around beds and tables, and has bitten before. He is not food aggressive, but can guard his toys. He does not like children, and tends to want to fight other dogs, so homes without either would probably be best. However, his foster mom reports that he gets along well with the resident Frenchie girl, so very slow introductions might be possible. The plan is to start him in a class for reactive dogs, and his adoptive family should have experience and compassion for this type of dog, and they should understand that as a senior Frenchie, he may never overcome his behavioral problems completely. In other words, it may be difficult to teach this old dog new tricks.

Wanna Adopt?

Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website ---> FB Rescue Network

To view more available Frenchies from this rescue, click this link ---> FBRN

Thank you for considering adoption for your next family fur-mate!

Please let them know you found them on French Bulldog News! :)
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