Has anyone used FOR-BID?


Aug 20, 2013
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Hi all,

We were down to the vet yesterday just to say Hi, but I did ask if they had any recommendations about what to put in / over food to keep the puppies from eating their.... you got it.... poop. We came home with FOR-BID. It goes over their food 2x a day for 5 days. Just wondering if anyone else has ever used or have any feedback?

Ooooh, can you keep me posted? We sometimes have this problem with Bisou. Well, let's face it, since she's eating the evidence we might actually have this problem far more often than we think we do. I was told to use pineapple, which didn't work for us. And that makes sense to me. I mean, you're adding something delicious to something that tastes like ... poop. Can't that only improve things? How sweet it would be if there was something that really worked!
Yes, we put it in Buster's food so Ruggles wouldn't eat Buster's poop. It didn't work in that situation, I think Ruggles was getting rid of Buster's scent. Luckily Buster is very regular and we are retired so we split them up for Buster's poop time. Just lately, I saw Ruggles eat his own poop, I'm sure it was the first time because he leaves a slobbery mess. We have started putting For Bid on his food and he has not eaten his poop again. I also cut back on the fruit and veggies I was giving him because he doesn't chew his food, he inhales it, so veggies come out the same form they went in. I don't know if reducing veggies or adding For Bid stopped the problem, but (knock on wood) he has stopped eating his poop. Good luck. Many dogs do that and it is so gross!
First I heard of this stuff...... Alice, glad it worked for Ruggles..... Anne, keep us posted on how it works for your gang.

Never used it before, so I curious.
We are at the end of the 5-day course of the For-Bid. Jury is still out... I think it has helped *some*. However, it has given Wilson the runs.