He Is My Best Ever Bulldog!

Alice Kable

Apr 14, 2013
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I know he is a "halfie", a "blended" Bulldog--half Frenchie and half Olde English Bulldogge, but I've got to say he is pretty close to being the perfect pet! Buster is very energetic, and he is so eager to please. He minds, he actually likes to do what we want him to and he comes running when we call him. He has a soft cuddle me side, too. I shudder when I think if we wouldn't have had him with us when we found out his dad was a Frenchie, we probably would have turned him down. We are so lucky to have Buster!


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What a handsome litte buy he is too.... so glad you are sharing him with us
Such a sweetie!

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Handsome, handsome, handsome!

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Sweet Buster, such a handsome little guy. I'm happy he has you too.
I have always had pure bred dogs, kinda been a dog snob of sorts, this little man has been a real eye opener!
He's got so much personality, you can see it in his photos. I totally get it, after all he's half English and half french, the best of both bully's!

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