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Dec 26, 2013
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My name is Laurie and I'm new to the forum. We just added our first frenchie Hotchkiss to our family on Christmas Eve. He is 11 weeks old and so far house training has been going well. I got him so I would have a cuddle bug and walking buddy for our current staffy Sidney. I have three children ages 5 years and 16 month old twins. My husband passed away in June from complications of a botched double lung transplant so I'm raising my herd of kids and fur babies solo but hey I love a challenge lol! Just wanted to post a hi this is me thread. I hope to post more when I figure the forum out.
Hi and welcome! Sounds like you have your hands full. I can't wait to see pictures.

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Welcome to FBN. Very sorry to hear about your husbands loss. Nice to have you here and there a rumor going around that we love pictures. :)

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Did you adopt him from French Bulldog Rescue Network? I saw his page (if it's the same frenchie) as we cross post many rescues here. :) That's awesome. Welcome to FBN!!!
No we didn't adopt him from french bulldog network but that's where the name came from. We had applied for him but apparently he didn't get along with small kids or hyper dogs which my Sidney can be sometimes. My daughter fell in love with the name and insisted our dog be named the same.image.jpg


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Aww how adorable!!

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OMG...he is sooo cute, I love his little face!
Welcome Laurie, Hotchkiss, Sidney! Hotchkiss is sooooooo adorable!
Hello and :welcome3: to FBN.

So sorry fo the loss of your husband... all the luck and prayers to you in raising your family!

Congrats on Hotchkiss... he is very handsome little guy!
Welcome to the site and so sorry about your husband. Your baby is too cute.