Help with hair loss/thinning hair on frenchie


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Jan 5, 2014
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Help with hair loss on my frenchie please
Hi there I am new to this I have a frenchie he his about 5 month old and he is white and black I have had for around 2 months or just over and I noticed hair loss on him about a month ago so I changed his food to a bulldog one from a breeder and the hair on his face come back and most of it on his body came back Aswell but it is still a bit thin on his legs and belly look pink still I was just wondering on any help please thanks
I would say since it is coming back after the food change, then I would give it a little more time for the rest to come back. It may take a little while. Also I would put him on NuVet Complete also to help.
I agree with David give more time on the food and add the NuVet
:welcome3: Welcome to you and Bronco. We'd love to see some pictures of Bronco, and have you do an introduction!
My frenchie is 2 years old. His coat started thinning in patches since he was 6 months old. The hair grows back. I've had him tested for skin fungus and blood test to test his thyroid and everything was normal. His diet is limited ingredients. It seems to be a vicious cycle I can't figure out! Maybe outdoor allergens? What is NuVet?

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