How long do you let your frenchie run around like crazy in a leashless park?


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Apr 28, 2013
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Fiona seems like she can run and chase other dogs forever but i know sometimes frenchies don't know when they're overheating and when breathing heavily starts becoming an issue.
I am new to this breed, I usually would let Boxy run like crazy only for 10minutes or less.
Junebug will run the fence while our neighbor is mowing, she doesn't stop, so either I go grab her or the neighbor stops mowing, otherwise she would keep going & keel over I am sure.
We don't take ours to a leashless park, but if I did, it depends on how hot it is as to how long I would let them run around.
I do not do dog parks, but my guys have a fenced in yard which Cheli LOVES to run crazy in. I am very lucky as he knows his own limits and will give himself a time out. He runs tothe back dorr and looks over at me -- I open the door he goes in gets some water then lays on the tile floor. When he is rested he will come back tothe door and scratch to come out.
We don't do leashless parks either, but Buster does a lot of racing around here. Ruggles will just lay on the floor and Buster runs circles around him, leaps over him, playing hard. Buster stops when he gets tired!