Iowa Meet Up!


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Aug 20, 2013
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My wife and I just moved to Iowa from Maine in late June and got ourselves a frenchie puppy. We were wondering if anyone out there is living in Iowa and would like to make a frenchie play date. Porter dog park.jpg
Hi and welcome to the site. Your baby is just the cutest little thing. We live in Texas, but there might be someone here close to you, and hopefully they will be along soon.
Sorry we are in Michigan :) but you have an adorable puppy!

Trish & Margie :)
Welcome to you and your adorable Porter! I m in Oregon, but there has got to be someone from Iowa along soon!
What a cutie pie!!!

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Porter is adorable! And sorry no help with a meet up, I'm in Mass! Hopefully someone from Iowa will be along soon, meet ups are a lot of fun! :)
I'm in Eastern Nebraska but Stella is a total butt with other dogs :(
Thanks everyone! You all have beautiful/handsome frenchies! We're sure that someone will come along! We cant wait to see more from you all.
Until you get an Iowa friend we will have to do! :laugh: :tease:

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I am really no help. I love in Washington and I don't have a French bulldog. Does Porter like English bulldogs, lol?
I don't think he has been around any English bulldogs. We take him to the dog park weekly and he plays with all kinds of breeds. But he mostly goes for the human interaction.