Just gotta brag a bit :)


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Apr 15, 2013
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I just gotta brag about how good little Miss Diva has been doing since her biting insident! We have had people over the house several times and she has done fabulous, she barks a bit but has been going up to everyone letting them pet her. People have also been working on the driveway and foundation of the kitchen for the past few days with lots of noise and she isn't even fazed by their presence! And then today I brought her to get her nails trimmed at Petco, which she hates, and I saw her KISS the girl who was trimming her nails! I'm one proud Mama!!!!

I think she has been taking all of her frustrations out on her toys! LOL!
Oh my hahaha, love the picture! Totally captures her attitude... My golden mix is a toy shredder!
We shred toys here, too! Cute picture! Congratulations on Diva's progress!
WOOHOO Great job! She is doing very well.
Yay for Diva! Progress this soon is downright awesome Melissa, keep up the good work!

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Way to go Diva.... hey, a $3 toy beats a neighbors finger any day ;)
I am glad you are making progress!