Looking for a breeder!!


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Feb 22, 2014
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I am looking to start the process of getting a french bulldog!! However, I am completey new at this! I was hoping someone could help me out with pointing me in the direction of finding a breeder. I live in Cincinnati Ohio!!!

Thank you
Welcome to the site and good luck on your search. Another thing is go to French Bulldog Club of America to see it there are any breeders in your area and any dog shows close to you. Go to the dog shows and talk to the show breeders there to learn and get to know some breeders close to you. You can also go to AKC's web site and do the same.
:smileywelcome: Welcome to you! Good luck with your Frenchie search!
How far do you want to drive? The breeder I got Bisou from is amazing and I'd feel totally confident in recommending her. She's in Pataskala, which is maybe 30 minutes east of Columbus. It'd be a little bit of a hike for you, but certainly doable. Let me know if you want her info. Good luck in your search!
thank you everyone for the tips.

I am definately willing to drive that far! Her info would be great! You can message it to me if you want. :)
Did you get my message? I'm still finding my way around the site and wasn't sure if I sent you a PM properly or not.
You can always check out the rescue listings on here too. I know there are lots of young purebred frenchies in rescues :)