my frenchy moolah puts everything in her mouth


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Nov 11, 2013
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My frenchy moolah is now 6 months and has this habit of picking up anything in her mouth.
We constintly have to watch her when she walks because she picks up sticks, rabbit poo, leaves, gum anything.
In afraid she will ingest something dangerous...the other day she had sonething in her mouth in th house and it was
a ornament hanger from Chrsitmas....I was glad she didnt swallow it...
Im also concerned how I will ever let her out in the yard by herself!!!:
Anyone have anything like this????
Yep, sounds like a typical puppy exploring her environment with her mouth. Keep things picked up as best you can and make sure she has plenty of puppy friendly things to chew and play with around the house.
I'm right there with you! I don't know if bulldogs are more inclined to eat everything, but I don't ever remember having a dog that I have to watch so closely!
Yep, puppies love to pick up everything. You really have to be on your toes.
Yep, puppies love to pick up everything. You really have to be on your toes.

^^^^^agreed we had to quickly teach Cheli 'leave it'. Takes a while but it worked for him

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Buster responds well to leave it also. He doesn't try to eat what he picks up, but he does love to pack sticks around in his mouth!
Just wanted to be able to have my dog out by herself in the yard and with this putting so much in her mouth I dont know if I dare leave her alone
Ollie picks up everything too in his mouth. Thankfully he does not swallow it, but chews and carries. He LOVES rocks! When we moved this weekend we found 2 handfulls of rocks under the couch! LOL