New puppy introduction - what to expect?


Aug 20, 2013
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Hi, this is Gidget's mom, Anne...

My husband and I are seriously considering another Frenchie puppy from the same breeder we purchased Gidget from. She (the breeder) seems a little overly concerned (to me) about the possibility of Gidget being too rough with a puppy. As Gidget is our first Frenchie, I am not entirely sure what might be expected when introducing another one. Gidget will be 1 on 10/7/13, so is still much a puppy herself. She is on the small size, having just recently been spayed she is right around 20 lbs. She lives with a ~ 7 yr old Cairn terrier and an elderly Corgi and has no issues with them. She does display some attitude towards larger dogs when we walk in the park, but I feel that it is more from initimidation than true aggression. The hair on her back stands up, but no lunging at them or anything like that. In true bulldog fashion, she does barrel into anything in her way, the other dogs, cats, my husband's ankle... with little regard to herself.

So, just wanted to reach out for thoughts, comments, advice...
Thanks! Anne & Mike
Hmm I would think a new puppy would be a great companion for your young Gidget?
We have two big 60 pound mix breed dogs. When we brought home our frenchie puppy, obviously we were concerned with them being too rough and hurting her when playing. We properly supervised them all playing together and it's been great. Our big dogs learned fast on how to play properly with the puppy. She has held her own in rough housing and yelps or cries if they got to rough. When she yelps everyone stops wrestling and they seemed concerned like they want to make sure they didn't hurt her.

I would think with proper supervision they would be great companions for one another. And with as fast as puppy's grow physically, your new puppy will be able to hold her own in no time when it comes to rough housing.

I love your comment about her barreling into anything in her way! True frenchie fashion haha... I call my marg the baby rhino because she stampedes into everyone and grunts while she is doing it.
I don't think you will have a problem, your Gidget will like the play mate. But you will have to monitor their play time and make sure they do not get too rough. Plus also limit their play time too, as a young pup still needs their rest. Maybe play for about 20 or 30 minutes and then give a time out.
So glad I found this board. Very helpful information/tips on most anything!
[MENTION=156]trishkidd24[/MENTION] - Margie is adorable and I love her name! I've been making a list of names (both girls and boys) to pick when I get my little bundle of attitude...... er, I mean Frenchie! :cool:
Gidget will love having a playmate her own size, just monitor their play at first. Are you going to get a boy or a girl?
Gidget will love having a playmate her own size, just monitor their play at first. Are you going to get a boy or a girl?

Not sure Alice... this is an planned litter, so won't know until they get here! My younger son has started the 'Bubba Gump' campaign, so I'm thinking that sounds more like a boy than a girl.
Bubba Gump sounds like a fine name for a little French boy!
Gidget will learn fast how to play with a puppy, I think having a dog close in age and energy will be great for her! My male EB is 60lbs while Diva is 27lbs, and he is great with her (he's 3 and Diva's 5)! Although Diva is always the instigator when it comes to wrestling, Diva is the one who decides when they're done and she will let him know when to stop. Luckily for her he's so good and stops right away! Watching bulldogs playing together is very entertaining! :)
I am envious!!! They wont be to far apart in age, so I think all will be good! I bet YOU will need timeouts :excited:

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