Our new puppy Margie :)


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Aug 1, 2013
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This is our new 10 week old puppy Margie! We are new frenchie owners and so excited to get to know and love this breed :)

Trish & Margie :)
Margie is adorable!! Frenchies are definitely a fun breed, they are so unique! You will soon learn that they are clowns trapped inside a tiny body with lots of energy! Diva, my frenchie, runs laps around my 2 english bulldogs....it's hilarious! And keep posting pics, we love them here!:D
I love how in the first year frenchies have such big ears compared to their heads. Stella grew into hers but my favorite pics are from her first year :heart:
Welcome Trisha and Margie! She's a doll!

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Such a Frenchie thing.... to lay between the legs. Cheli does that all the time too. Margie is adorable
Ha so far between our legs is her favorite spot! Especially when we are sitting on the leather recliner :) I think she likes the cool leather, being close to us, and watching a little TV! She is such a comical little girl, its amazing how much we love her already in 4 short days!
She is just adorable, and as you have found out Frenchies are just the best.
Margie is just to cute & I love her color!!