Piper sitting on the couch


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Aug 4, 2013
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My kids hold her like this but on their lap all the time and I would get mad and tell them she's not comfortable. Today I got mad at them again and they said look she's loves it, she even sits on the couch like this. So they propped her up and she sat like this for almost 5 min. Frenchies are the best dogs ever!!! She is so tolerant of my 5 and 7 year old little girls. They also dress her up in their doll clothes and lately they've been asking to paint her nails but I have to draw the line somewhere!!! Lol

Piper is embarrassed and told me I should have blurred out her private parts in the picture! Lol
She is a cutie, and they are too funny.
The oddest positions they seem to find so comfortable..... she is too cute sitting like that
So cute! It sounds like your girls are really enjoying her.
They love her and are always fighting over who gets to hold her first! My son just turned 4 and I have to keep an eye in him when he plays with her.
That's adorable! I think she's look cute with hot pink nails :)

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She is a cutie pie. What fun your kids must have a great time with her.
Haha, when I was younger I was guilty of the same thing except I'm pretty sure our dog didn't tolerate it quite like ms. piper. Its almost October, next time the kids dress her up you might a nice photo op for frenchie or the month :)