Please Be kind to reactive french bulldogs ❤️


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Oct 31, 2023
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You will never understand what it's like to have a reactive dog until you have one yourself.
My dog has such a limited life because of his reactivity. We don't go to dog parks or regular parks or pet stores or anywhere really. Walks are a rare experience because they are so stressful for him. (We try a little bit farther each time we go.)

Yes, I know my dog barking is annoying, but I need to take him outside to be trained. He loves being outdoors and we do our best to stay in isolated places in the woods and we always stay out of people's way. Comments about training my dog are unnecessary. I understand that your dog is perfect in every single way. Mine is not. He's my heart dog and I love him more than anything else, but he is difficult.

Just be kind when you see someone struggling or a dog that looks like they're having a difficult time. Listen to the owner and stop offering unsolicited advice. Trust me, we've heard it all before and we're doing the best we can. My dog is doing the best he can too.
For anyone struggling with reactivity, these are a good place to start: Having a reactive dog can be a lonely experience that affects your entire life. Knowing there are people out there who understand and empathize makes it easier.
Well said! I have 4 dogs and my youngest can be reactive to other dogs and it came out of nowhere. I try to work with her and bring her to Home Depot and a couple pet stores as I believe her issue is fear. But i don’t take her to any of the fun dog events and parties my others go to.
My Piglet is reactive. I got her in October from someone who purchased her from a pet store and couldn't keep her, therefore, I don't know what her first year of her life was like, except that she was caged for that time. She absolutely does not like the leash, but luckily I have a nice sized backyard for her. She isn't a fan of going out. When I first tried, I had to go outside first before she is following me. Now, for the past two weeks, I open the door and she usually goes outside first. She does wait at the bottom step for me before she actually ventures into the yard. If there is too much activity going on in the neighborhood, she is anxious to get back inside. I do have a dog sitter that she is happy with - he is a vet tech. He has a small Maltese, and Piglet does okay when she is there, but she is not fond of other dogs or people. She seems happy enough, and is finally starting to cuddle with me, though she won't sit on my lap. When I put her in the car, she actually shakes so much, I feel bad for her. But she is my baby, and I love her. When I had her spayed, they had to put this huge cone on her. I took her home, and had to remove it as she was almost having a panic attack wearing it. Luckily I was able to use recovery suits for her, even thought she wasn't a fan of them.

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