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Apr 6, 2013
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Well our babies are getting big. They are such a joy to have around, so funny, and full of personality. Sad to say they are leaving for Florida Tuesday Jan 07. I sure am going to miss those little buggers. Here are some pics of them.


Little boy is wanting to go outside to play. They are getting good at going potty outside too.



Here is little girl with mama Hazel.


Hope you enjoy the pics of our babes. I can't wait to see them in the ring this year.
David - thank you so much for posting the pictures as they have grown. We can't wait to see them in the show ring either!!!
They are so adorable!! Happy new year little ones. :)
Awwww, they are just so precious! I just love seeing the pictures of them!

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They are beautiful, it must be so hard to let them go.
They are so precious, David.

Thank you for sharing their birth and first weeks with us. I have enjoyed the pictures so much.
David, they are both so beautiful. It must be really hard to let them go, but knowing you will see their progress in the show ring must help. Today your yard, tomorrow Westminster!!!
Thank you for the pictures. Reminds me of when I got Fred and how happy he made me instantly. Those little guys will definitely make the new owners happy. :)

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:faint: :heart: :heart: they are so totally gorgeous

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