Question about tear stains


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Aug 19, 2013
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I know there have been previous posts about tear stains but I am looking for some clarification. I thought I was lucky and that Jax did not have them, but I just discovered he does. I've seen people post about witch hazel. Does that get rid of/lighten them or is that just to help clean the area once the stains are gone? I've also read that people use Malacetic Otic. Is this the one -

With whatever cleanser used, do you use a cotton ball? Qtip? Do you dry the area afterwards? Sorry for all the questions and if you have already answered in another post, but I want to do whatever I can.

Witch hazel and the malacetic wipes help keep the area clean which in turns help lessen the tear stain color. You do not need to dry as both have a natural drying agent to them and a cotton ball or qtip are fine to use... I use the flat cotton pads
I bought the malacetic wipes and they seem to work pretty well, ordered them online not too expensive....