Right Size Crate?


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Jan 16, 2014
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I am going to buy another crate, I am wondering..What size is big enough for Chewy & Lucy to share one? Well, one they will grow into. I have a 23 x 18 x 19 & I think its too small.. Any suggestions?
Jess, Chewy & Lucy :)
I have Cheli in a 36 inch..... he does well in it, mostly cuddles right i the middle after nesting and rearranging the pad for 20 mins.
I would at least get a 24"X36" for the both of them, or get another one the same size as what you have now so each of them can have their own crate.
Our crates are 22" wide, 30" long and 25" tall. Buster and EB brother Ruggles (62 lbs.) fit in one crate fine. They each have their own crate but usually prefer to be in the same crate snuggling!
Okay thank you!!! I was going to get them separate ones, but they love sleeping together :)
What size crate do you recommend for Louie by himself. I think ours might be too narrow. He is 23 lbs so far at 9 months.

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