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Apr 6, 2013
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Was wondering if you use salmon oil? It works wonders for my dogs so wanted to see if others use it as well.

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I started using Flaxseed oil, I have seen where it can slow down or prevent types of cancer, studies have showed . I'm afraid if I use too much oils we'll have poop problems
We use the Grizzly salmon oil .. I know that some people use the fish oil pills but to be honest I still think that this has the best results yet!!! The only one who doesn't have it is Bella because we switched to Fromm Salmon last summer and she had an allergic reaction to it. All the time I thought she must have an allergy to salmon so we went straight back to the Fromm Beef Frittata.

Now I'm home cooking I use mainly ground beef, but I started to add a 1-2lb of ground turkey occasionally. The bumps on Bellas head started to come back!!!!! :eek:hmy: Now I'm wondering if she has an allergy to chicken and turkey and NOT salmon. Because of course the Fromm Salmon n Veg has chicken in it!!!

So I may now try adding Salmon oil to Bella's food and see what happens!
Stella takes fish oil caps every once and awhile...mostly when she sees Tank getting them and gets jealous though (trying to keep the big boys joints in good condition while he's still young)
I haven't yet, but I want to put Cheli on a fish oil - just the pills are all so big and when I put it on his food his breathe smells horrendous - gotta find smalled pills
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Ok I just ordered some different oil from grizzly. Just to try it. It's wild pollock oil. The fish oil pills my vet said I had to give Molly (48lbs) 5 of them a day!!! :eek: no wonder it doesn't seem to be working since I switched to these from the grizzly salmon oil.

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