I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Slider~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Rhode Island


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Rhode Island
Age: 3 yrs old
Sex: Male
Weight: 29 pounds
Kids: No
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: No
Adoption Fee: $600

Slider has a habit of eating things that really aren’t edible. Because of this, his former family was at their wit’s end when they had to take him to the vet for surgical removal of more than one foreign object. Between this and him having some aggression issues, they decided to put him down. The vet, however, saw the potential in the love-bug and contacted FBRN.

Slider absolutely loves to snuggle. He’s a real couch potato and prefers to sack out on the couch next to his person and snooze more than any kind of exercise. He is submissive with other dogs and cats but does often feel the need to challenge a new person. He is, however, easily controlled with a confident, assertive leader.

Slider loves Nylabones and stuffing-free toys. He absolutely must be watched with any toys or chew sticks as he will swallow small pieces. His Nylabones are taken away when they get to a certain size to eliminate the risk of him swallowing the remains.

While in our care, Slider’s foster mom has been working hard to understand his obsession with consuming anything and everything. In fact, he had to undergo another surgery a few months ago to remove a ninja. Yes, a NINJA. Slider apparently found a toy ninja in the grass during a walk and swallowed it down in spite of foster mom watching him closely for any signs of chewing or snacking. Slick Slider swallows things whole!

Slider is house-trained and crate-trained. He loves children of all ages but is unable to live in a home with children because he absolutely will swallow their toys. He prefers calmer dogs but will tolerate and exist with all types of dogs of any size.

Wanna adopt?

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