I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Steady~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: CEN OH Area
Age: 8
Sex: Female
Weight: 22 lbs.
Kids: Yes
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Preferred
Adoption Fee: $250

Sweet Steady was surrendered to a local shelter by her former owners and then swooped up by FBRN. We're not quite sure how hold this pretty girl is (a lady never tells!), but we've heard anything from 5 years young to 10 years old! That's a big spread, so we'll split it down the middle and state that she's about 8 years old.

Steady is healthy has a bull, however she is currently nursing an infected toe. Just a normal bump and scrape in the life of an active French Bulldog. And Steady is pretty active. She loves playing - whether it's fetch with her person, wrestling with another dog, or clowning around by herself - Steady loves to keep herself occupied. Her foster mom reports that she does somsersaults on the ground when she's playing with other dogs!

Steady plays very well with other dogs. She likes having a Frenchie buddy to wrestle with. She is a little rambunctious in her play with other dogs. She'd need a canine companion about her size who is not put off by some wrestling sessions. Ideally, a pooch on the submissive side would make a great buddy for Steady. Steady is not necessarily dominant, but if challenged by another dog she will fight back. She also has a tendency to want to sample other dogs' food bowls. She'll have to be fed separately in another room or in her crate to keep the peace.

Unfortunately, she is VERY interested in the birds in her foster home so we recommend that she not go to a home with small critters in it. She's not been exposed to cats, so per FBRN policy Steady will not be placed in a home with feline friends. This policy is in place to keep both our Frenchies and your kitties safe.

Steady absolutely loves her people. She likes to follow you around when you're home or play fetch or tug or pretty much anything with you. A fenced yard is preferred so she can wrestle and roam - Steady is a pretty active Frenchie. Still, she's a champion snuggler and will cuddle up with you on the couch any time you feel like it! Or she'll join you in the car for a drive. Steady does not mind the car at all because she gets to spend time with her person.

This smart girl is crate trained and house-broken. Her foster mom reports that she's had no accidents in the house at all. While her foster family is gone for the day, she just hangs out in her crate snoozing or gazing out the window. She's not had free roam of the house, but Steady is a jumper! If you think you might just gate her in one room, think again. She can clear a baby-gate in one leap!

Steady has some basic obedience training. She knows how to sit and lie-down, and she's very smart. If you took her to a few training classes we think she'd be the star pupil!

The perfect home for Steady would be one where she could be with her people very often. She just loves to follow you around and snuggle on your lap. She would be a fantastic office dog. However, if you work away from the home that's okay too. She'd be just fine with a mid-day potty break. A fenced yard is preferred for Steady, but if you've got a great dog park nearby or a dog-walker that you love, let us know all about it in your application!

Wanna adopt?

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