Stress balls.


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Dec 25, 2013
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Fred's new favorite toy is a stress ball. When he plays with it he bats it around like a cat. Its so cute to watch him. He doesn't know what to think about the softness of it. He already destroyed his gifts Santa brought for him so he found this to play with. What a crazy little man.


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he is one beautiful boy! Frenchie's do have cat-like reflexes and curiousity - Cheli is the same way, how he plays with toys and moves/runs just cracks me up
Jax has already destroyed 3 of his Xmas toys too!
haha YES! Marg loves batting things around like a cat... The best part is she has the shortest little fat legs, so she looks ridiculous trying to jump on things!
Fred is such a cutie! Buster has destroyed 2 of his Christmas toys!
To funny, too bad you don't have it on video. He is a handsome boy too.
I do have some on video but couldn't get it to upload on here. I'll try again

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