Teething getting a little aggressive.


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Dec 23, 2013
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Hi. We have a 5 month old Frenchie who is truly adorable. Lately he seems to becoming really nippy when teething and launching slightly at us to nip especially by 7 year old son. He will just keep trying to until we put him down or ignore him then as soon as we play again he starts again. Chewing or nipping at us. Any advice out there.
Pups will be pups and this is something they will do. Just be patient as they will out grow this. You can help speed up the process by telling him NO, or when he gets too rough, just give him a timeout for a nap.
Exactly as David said, puppy stuff. He will outgrow it. That's how he played with his litter mates, so he thinks it is okay to play that way with you. A firm and consistent NO from you and your son along with plenty of toys he can chew on should take care of it!

We'd love to have you do an introduction in the intro section and see some pictures of your Frenchie!
One of the best advice we got from a trainer at puppy class was how to deal with puppy play/nipping. They told us when the puppy starts to play too rough and starts biting, that we should make a high pitch "yelp" sound. Similar to the sound a puppy might hear from a litter mate if they hurt them. When we did this with our puppy, she instantly stopped and looked at us like she knew she had taken the play too far. It worked for us with the puppy nipping.
the gang has you covered.... it is a phase that will pass, but still correct or redirected as needed
I remember doing the "yelp" at Chewy when he was younger...he would immediately run crazy circles around the house :) We had to switch to a firm NO.