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Oct 18, 2013
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Bolt looked snazzy outside in the cold!



He looks pretty cute out there in his sweater. I'm glad we didn't get any of that ice down here in Fulshear.
Oh my gosh, Bolt and so cute!!! I love his little jump. Not sure what Bella would do in ice. We don't get much of that in Atlanta, but you shouldn't either in Texas! Crazy weather. Stay warm!

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Cute! How did he do with the snow? I am in the Seattle area and we sometimes get snow and this weekend the low is 15 and the high is 25 so there is a chance. I have a couple sweatshirts for Jax but no booties for his paws (not even sure if he would even wear them).
It's just barley into the high 50's here and I'M FREEZING! I don't do well in cold weather. Can't imagine how you all do it when it gets into the teens.....NO WAY!
It was 9 degrees here today... Marg and I were suppose to walk in the Christmas parade but even with a coat I didn't feel right taking her out in this weather :(

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Thanks everyone we think he is pretty handsome too! We had some crazy weather in N. Texas yesterday into today which left quite a bit of ice covering the ground outside. Bolt did pretty good with it, but after several minutes you could tell he wanted to head back in. Lol
Handsome Bolt! Blue is his color! Cute pictures!

@Chrugs I got booties like the sled dogs wear for one of my EBs when we lived in Central Oregon. It took me at least half an hour to get all 4 on him and he had them off in a matter of seconds. I think you have to start them out when they are babies--8 weeks old!
It's been in the 70's this past week where I am in VA - and we are preparing for Icemaggedon tomorrow.... :(
Nice shots.... love the sweater too!

We have ice/snow here in PA too... gonna get more Tuesday and this coming weekend

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