Walks and frenchies?


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May 26, 2013
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I have been taking Izzo on two walks each day to help him burn some energy and get him practice walking on a leash. We walk roughly 2/10 of a mile each time(We walk down my driveway and back wich is 1/10 of a mile long) and he seems to do fine and gets excited when he knows it is walk time. I was wondering if this will cause any damage to his bones or anything? His rear is fantastic but he does have weak pasterns in the front and I was hoping that walking could strengthen them but is there any chance it could make them worse? He'll be 11 weeks on monday and I know his little bones are still developing so I don't want to mess his growth up. Thank you all for reading!
I don't see a problem unless going stairs or big hills
As long as he is doing OK with the walk and not getting too tired, he should be fine. The main thing is to keep him from jumping off things, or going up and down stairs until about a year old.
I think walks are good for Izzo. Let him set the pace and stop and smell the flowers!
ashould be perfectly fine as long as the ground is not too steep (hill)... no steps too
I can't add to what you've already been told ..... except maybe to demand pics and video!!!