1 1/2 Year old Male Random Seizures


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May 21, 2024
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Hello everyone, my 1 1/2-year-old French bulldog Milo has experienced three seizures recently. The first seizure occurred 5 days ago and lasted for approximately 3 minutes, while the other two happened today, all in the morning. Following the first seizure, I took Milo to the vet for blood work, which came back normal except for his elevated liver levels, which were at 205. The vet administered a Valium shot and prescribed gabapentin for Milo.

Today, Milo had two seizures in the morning, prompting another visit to the vet. They provided me with dazapran for emergencies and recommended continuing the gabapentin treatment. Additionally, they sent me home with an IV bag to administer fluids in an effort to flush out any toxins. We are extremely worried as we always believed Milo to be a very healthy dog and never anticipated this situation.

I would appreciate any recommendations or insights from those who have had similar experiences. If so, what treatments were administered, and was the condition ultimately cured? Thank you for your help and support.
So very sorry to see your baby going through this…. I have no experience with seizures to be able to help. Sending healing prayers.?