I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Bridget~~Available For Adoption in Eastern US


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Apr 6, 2013
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Bridget, an adorable French bulldog, knows what she wants and that is to find her perfect forever home! And who could blame her after S.N.O.R.T. came to her rescue and freed her from a puppy mill where she had spent her life to that point.
Estimated to be between five and six years old, Miss Bridget has certainly adapted to life outside the puppy mill. Although mill dogs frequently have chronic health issues, Bridget is one healthy dog! She has no medical issues that will require constant attention and is a svelte 28 pounds.
Bridget currently gets along well with her foster brothers, two fellow Frenchies, although she has made it quite clear she is the boss! While she loves a good cuddle with both her humans and foster brothers, she also has a dominant personality and has been known to resource guard, especially when she finds herself in stressful situations.
To that end, Bridge has some separation anxiety and therefore needs to be placed in a home where someone is home during the day and away for only short periods of time. She would also love – but does not require – to be placed in a home with siblings of the fur variety to help keep her company, although a more submissive dog would be ideal. She has met several children and is very friendly with everyone she has met.
So far it is quite clear that Bridget loves the outdoors; she adores walks and play time outside. A fenced-in yard is preferred so that she can continue to enjoy the outdoors to her heart’s content. Car rides are also among her favorite activities so whoever is lucky enough to get this sweet girl will have themselves a very willing travel companion.
Coming from a puppy mill, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of toys. She will occasionally chew a rubber bone or toy, but far prefers the outdoors and romping with her brothers!
Bridget deserves nothing more than to make up for the years of neglect she suffered at the puppy mill in a loving, calm forever home. Bridget is currently being fostered in Massachusetts. If you are interested in giving this sweet girl her perfect forever home, please submit a SNORT adoption application!

Wanna Adopt?

Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website ---> snortrescue.org

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Thank you for considering adoption for your next family fur-mate!

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