I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Chaz~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Conneticut


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Southern CT
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Weight: 33 lbs.
Kids: No
Dogs: Maybe
Cats: No
Fenced Yard: Preferred
Fee: $250

Note: Potential adopters must live within 3 hours of New Haven, CT.


Chaz is a returnee. He's a big, handsome boy, and he really enjoys spending time with other dogs and people. He is a deaf dog and he can be very sensitive to being touched by strangers, moved, or startled while sleeping in his bed, and he has bitten people. He will need a home with people who are excellent boundary-setters and routine-keepers. He will not do well in a home where people aren't good about being consistent or who let him have his way all the time. He's adorable, so we understand why people could turn to mush around him, but it isn't good for Chaz to be the boss, and it could cost him dearly.

We'd like Chaz to have at least one other canine companion, and it would be great if there were a fenced yard where Chaz and company could get their ya yas out and enjoy themselves.

Chaz has been in a foster home with a professional trainer who has found Chaz to be a very smart dog who loves to engage with his people and who would make a great family member for the right family. He follows clear and direct commands well and thrives on a structured life. He is great with other dogs and enjoys the company of every dog in his foster home. From the largest dog to the tiniest puppy, he's been playing very nicely with them all and has been very tolerant of even puppy antics. Chaz knows basic hand signals, loves his crate and travels nicely in the car.

He would not do well in an office setting or in a busy neighborhood or city. His bite history means he won't be placed in a home with children or where children are frequent visitors.

If you have experience with dogs who require structure and effective leadership, please let us know about it in your application. Chaz's foster mom will want you to meet Chaz before you take him home, so applicants should live within driving distance of New Haven, CT.

Chaz is a good dog with lots of potential--he just needs the right family to help him realize his best self. If you think you are it, don't hesitate to apply!

Wanna adopt?

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