Fireworks = Scared


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Dec 4, 2013
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Poor Bella...shaking so fiercely at the fireworks going in outside. This is new, never shook like she is right now. Poor girl. She is laying on top of my husbands chest, under covers, shaking uncontrollably, probably can't see her well, maybe her nose??!!!

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Poor thing! My mastiff was so scared of fire works and lightening.
Awww, poor little baby! Hope she is better this morning!
I feel you. The dog I grew up with, Bootsmann, a Labrador/Shepherd was terrified of the fireworks. Every New years we had to give him homoepathic remedies to calm him down and somebody always had to stay with him. Every year we were scared he would get a heart attack. But I have to say that in Germany(where Im originally from) there is sooo much going on with fireworks. You cant compare that with here. But anyways , Bootzi was also scared of thunder so we contacted a few dog trainer and asked them for advice and they said the best thing to do is to ignore their fear. For example when it thundered and he came running in our room,crying and what not we were told not to pet him,talk to him or try to comfort him. Instead we were supposed to let our hand hang of the bed so he could smell it and be sure were there. But thats it. Talking to him ,and trying to comfort him only made it worse since he figured something really bad is going on cause even the humans are scared. Its the same with horses. The moment you aknowledge their feat,youre feeding it. Just act normal,be confident and your animal will soon feel the energy and calm down himself.
Okay, so on Monday during our regular daily 40 minute walk a gun went off in the woods, it was far far away but the birds went everywhere. She freaked! Turned around and sprinted towards the house. Last night she was shaking so badly, I thought she would have a heart attack. It was funny though because she is a Mommas girl, but when she got scared she had to be on top of my husband. He would leave the room and she would follow, even laid on his feet while he was in bathroom!

This morning I had to put her leash on to go out! she usually runs right out does her business and comes back in to eat breakfast. She wouldn't go out the door! I fed her and then forced her to go on a half walk. Thank god it was early and no fireworks. She did fine, but any noise and she would pull towards home.

I think it is so odd how attached she became to my husband. She adores him but she usually sleeps in my lap, but when she got so scared she went to him. Do dogs feel more protected by men? I mean I guess he is the protector of the home, is that what she thinks?

~ Loving life with our Frenchie
We got lucky, they didn't bother Hazel or the pups. :2thumbs:
Fireworks don't phase Ruggles or Buster either. Ruggles sleeps through them!
They didn't seem to bother Leo either, only once he barked at them! :)

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Gidget slept right through them... but we have had dogs that are scared of thunder/guns/fireworks so I know what you're feeling.
The first fourth of July didn't bother Norm, but the second year he was outside with us when we lit some off and it scared him so bad he shook for at least 30 minutes. I finally took him inside and put him in his crate and he calmed down. Anytime there is fireworks or a loud bang he gets scared and goes in his crate.
Oh poor baby girl :( I've been lucky with mine. He sleeps through them or sits on the window sill to watch them.
I really do hate that fire works can be sold to the public who will let them off for any old occasion. They are a nightmare for owners whose dogs are petrified. When we had firework night last year, we had fireworks going off nearby every night for well over a week.
Poor little girl, hope she is OK so stressful for them

We are lucky, neither of our pups cared, slept though them
Poor Bella.

Cosette isn't spooked by fireworks but gets scared when she hears the doorbell.

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