I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Ginny~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in California


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Southern CA
Age: 8 months
Sex: Spayed Female
Weight: 35 lbs
Kids: Older, dog savvy
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Preferred
Adoption Fee: $250

At 35 pounds, Ginny is a large Frenchie, and comes with the warning label that her people must be able to lift at least 35 pounds! You see, Ginny has neurological deficits resulting in incontinence and weak rear legs, as well as muscular-skeletal deficits resulting in splayed rear legs. In May, she had a bilateral femoral head ostectomy (FHO) where the balls of her femurs were partially removed to create artificial hip joints. This surgery has made Ginny more comfortable, and taken away the discomfort we think she was in previously (due to the hips not sitting properly in the sockets). As you can see in the videos, Ginny is making an amazing recovery from surgery! She will require more physical therapy and because of her neurological deficits she may never walk completely normally. But we think she gets around just fine, and she can certainly play and enjoy life like any other dog!

Ginny's recovery from double FHO will take about 6 months. She needs to be encouraged to walk and she needs range of motion exercises (think bicycle legs) daily. It only takes a few minutes! Ginny still does not have the stamina or strength to walk much yet, but her vet is very impressed on how quickly she is recovering.

Ginny hasn't been around any kids, but she is super friendly so we think she’d be great with kiddos of school age and above. She can still be a bit mouthy but is learning to be gentle. Also, because her rear legs are weak, children must know that they cannot "ride" her or lean on her back legs. Ginny has not been exposed to cats, and per FBRN policy she will not be adopted to a home with cats. She is very friendly, but cautious around new dogs until she knows they are friendly. She is fairly submissive with other dogs but loves to play with them!

Ginny sleeps in her crate at night and does a good job with keeping it dry. She wears diapers in the house because she has limited control over her urination. Her foster mom has started her on Proin to see if it might help her bladder control, but only time will tell if this medication will help. Her forever person must be patient and loving and never get angry with her for accidents, as they are not her fault.

Ginny loves attention and meeting new people! She is pretty laid back but enjoys a little time running around in the grass and exploring. Her favorite thing to chew on is cow hooves. She loves to hang out in the yard with her people and other dogs enjoying the sunshine, and she will dig if there is a dirt spot for her. She also likes to visit the vet and the dog park, and she always enjoys playing with her foster brothers. She usually rolls on her back while they jump all over her, playing bitey-face! Ginny likes to be in the same room as her family, and enjoys getting pets but is not pushy about it.

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