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Aug 28, 2013
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My name is Dana and 4 days ago I adopted a 6 month old deaf French bulldog puppy. His name is Jedi and he is just so sweet. We are working on house breaking and learning some hand signals. I am sure I will have lots of questions in the up coming months as he is my first frenchie.
Hi Dana and Jedi! Welcome! I am working on finding my first ever Frenchie and the anticipation is killing me! This is a great place to get answers to all your questions! I too, bombard everyone with questions! I just want my future little Frenchie to be happy and healthy!
Welcome Dana and Jedi! I can't wait to see pictures of Jedi and hear how you two are settling in! Congratulations!
Welcome to FBN! I just clicked your profile and saw the picture of Jedi, he is adorable!! One of my EBs is completely deaf in one ear and has very little hearing in her other, so we use a lot of hand motioning to get her attention lol! And thank you for adopting! :)
Welcome to FBN and thanks for taking in a special needs frenchie :)
Congratulations. It warms my heart to hear there are special people like you who adopt special needs Frenchies.
:welcome3: and so wonderful to hear about your adoption! :clap2:
Hi and welcome. Congratulations on your new little one. I am sure he will give you many years of love and entertainment.
:hiya: :welcome3: to FBN.... thank you so much for adopting that special baby! Can't wait to see pictures
Hi and welcome :) I think it's great that you got this little special needs fellow. He is going to bring you a lot of joy!
Thank you everyone!! He has been a challenge so far but I'm sure with a lot of hard work he will be great! He has some aggression issues with my Cane Coro. Thank heavens she has not gone after him. She looks to me to correct him. He is my little work in progress.
Welcome to the site and bless you for adopting a special needs Frenchie. Once you get through the puppy stage and he learns the house rules, he will give you many tears of unconditional love.

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