Is this weight about right?


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May 28, 2013
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Our puppy makes 15 weeks tomorrow and is weighing 8.6lbs. According to weight calculators online, she'll weigh around 15lbs full grown. Seems small. Does anyone remember about where their females were at the same age? Thanks
That does seem pretty small, but I cannot compare but hopefully others with experience will come along soon.

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They grow in spurts so the calculator may well be wrong. Breed standard weight is 19 to 28 pounds.
i have a male... he is 2 yrs old and is 21 lbs
Not sure about the pups weight as we just got hazel not very long ago. She is almost 3 years old and weighs 25 lbs.
I think I posted this on another topic already but my heavy girl was weighed this weekend and she was 12.5 pounds at 15 weeks old :)

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Wow [MENTION=156]trishkidd24[/MENTION] I hope lulu can catch up with the weight of your baby in 2-3 weeks time.
I was a little surprised how much she weighed. She has gotten quite a bit bigger since we have had her for three weeks so we will need to monitor her weight to make sure she doesn't get over weight ha

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Good luck [MENTION=156]trishkidd24[/MENTION]! I guess it should be fine so long as she is not on the chubby side? ;)
I shared this on another thread as well, but if anyone is interested in seeing their puppy's weight progress based on breed standards click the website below.
It stated my pup was 5% below average weight for the breed. Not sure how accurate this website is, but kind of neat to see.
[MENTION=156]trishkidd24[/MENTION], the website is not very accurate, but a good gauge. Boxy weighed 9.9lbs at 4 months. According to the website, it states that he would be only 16 lbs. He now weighs 19.2lbs at 8 months. I hope he can reach 27 lbs when he is a year old.
We have a 13 week girl at 9 pounds currently.
Babetty is about 23 pounds now (she's around 1.5 years old). I do remember that some months she seemed to have huge growth spurts while others she stayed relatively the same. 15 pounds does seem rather tiny for a full grown frenchie though!