I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Jason Witten~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Virginia


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Southeast Virginia
Age: 5
Sex: Male
Weight: 32 lbs
Kids: No
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee: $500

Everyone’s favorite blue-pied boy, Jason Witten, has hit the available page and is looking for his forever home! Witten came to FBRN from a breeder who was downsizing, and he has since been enjoying the good life and making himself at home with his foster family.

This five-year-old boy has a perfectly balanced personality. He loves zooming around the backyard & going for long walks, but also enjoys a good snooze on the couch with his people. He’s extremely smart and determined; when he sets his mind to something, he won’t quit! We’re also happy to report that he is totally healthy. While with FBRN he has had surgery on his nares and palate, and had a few hairs removed that were growing abnormally along his eyelid. He’s much more comfortable now, but his future family will have to keep an eye on it (pun intended!), since the hairs could grow back. Since he’s such a healthy boy, he would do well with first-time Frenchie owners as long as they did their homework on the breed.

Witten’s ideal forever home would be one without any children around. While he isn’t aggressive toward them, he’s just really not a huge fan and we want to make sure everyone is comfortable! As for dogs, a home with or without canine friends would be ok with Witten. He’s interacted with dogs of all different breeds & sizes, and done well with all of them. He does get a little defensive if another dog is jumpy or unsure, and has some small toy aggression, but he corrects easily and backs down with a quick “no.” He hasn’t been tested with cats, so per FBRN’s policy, he will not be placed in a home with any kitty friends.

In terms of obedience, Witten has learned some basic commands in foster care, and walks well on a leash. He also does well in his crate, although there were some signs of separation anxiety in the beginning. He isn’t 100% potty trained so he would definitely need someone to give him a mid-day break or would be a great candidate to accompany you to the office. A home with a fence is ideal so he can romp around, but if you don’t have a yard, let us know how you plan on exercising him. This guy will definitely need some long walks and an opportunity to run around!

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