Marg, the Hoover... Take 2


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Aug 1, 2013
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Well we were at my in-law's for Christmas. We had all just got done opening Christmas gifts and Marg got a cute tutu sweater from grandma that we had to put on her right away... Yes it was a little tight, but grandma bought it so she had to wear it at least in front of her...
Everyone was enjoying a Christmas cocktail, when I asked my husband "wheres Marg ?"... called her name, and of course she didn't come when called, so we went and looked for her in the back storage room and found her like this .... Shoulder deep in a half open dog food bag.... Obviously she was binge eating because she hated her new sweater...

Happy Year from Marg! Her New Years resolution is going to be to try and cut back on binge eating!

Poot in Food Bag.jpg
:rofl: opportunist at heart!

Love the sweater

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That is sooooo funny! Marg knew where the good stuff was! Thanks for the laugh!
[MENTION=156]trishkidd24[/MENTION] - Thank you!!! My husband and I just had a good laugh!!!
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That is so funny...silly Marg.