Pups at 6 weeks playing

[MENTION=4]davidh[/MENTION] OMG, you just made my weekend! They are so ridiculously cute! Thank you for sharing, they are just precious!
David, they are so cute!!!!! What a sweet momma playing with them. I can't wait for my daughter to wake up......she will love these videos!! Thanks so much for sharing!
OMG you are killin me! They are the most precious little babies! I had to :giggle: when Hazel jumps away, like no boobies for you!

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The whole family just sat down to watch! That are beyond adorable!
They are too, too, precious. Love how hazel is trying to teach them to play and all they want is to still 'eat'.

thanks for sharing David!
OMG! I can just sit and watch those videos all day. Thank you for sharing!