The Cat "Gave" Buster a box of staples!

Alice Kable

Apr 14, 2013
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I took Ruggles to town to get the mail and go for a walk this afternoon. When we got home I made a beeline for the dog yard and sure enough Buster had left a pile! Got that picked up and came back in the house, glanced in Buster's crate and there is a hand full of staples. So I go into my office and find staples all over the floor and an empty box with no lid. The staples are kept by the stapler in a cubby hole of my roll top desk. The cat frequently gets behind the printer on my desk. She must have got the box onto the desk top and knocked it off for Buster to play with. After cleaning up the office floor I followed a staple trail to the couch where there were more. I called the vet and am waiting for a call back. I seriously doubt that Buster would eat any staples, maybe he ate the box lid. Dang cat!
OMG. I so hope he did not eat any!! Darn cats are just mo good

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Oh no!!! :( Fingers crossed Buster is fine...these trouble making cats..
Well I hope he didn't eat either one of them.
Well, it appears Buster just played with the staples and didn't eat any, but the little turkey had to carry them in his mouth to get them on the couch and in his crate! My office has French doors that the dogs can push open, but the cat can't, so Buster must have let her in!
[MENTION=451]jessicae091[/MENTION] did one of your babies eat some staples?

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