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Jul 18, 2013
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Hi All,
I was wondering how long of a time period was it from when you became interested in french bulldogs to when you actually were able to buy one. I see my time period as being like 12-18 months. Which will be learning about the breed, finding a GOOD breeder, and saving enough money to buy her. I think I do best with female dogs. But if I find the right rescue it could be sooner.
Stella kind of fell into our laps. I knew of her and then one week later she was living with us!

With rescues it sometimes goes a little slower because they have to do all their reference checking and pretty much all of those people volunteer their time, it's not a normal paid 9-5 job. I have noticed one rescue I mod for seems to have their frenchies "pending" for a couple weeks at a time before they move to the adopted page.

Hope that helps :)
I've learned patience is key! I will be getting my Frenchie in about 6 months, just patiently waiting! You are doing it right, researching and finding a healthy happy puppy is the way to go!

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Our little man was given to us due to an owner surrender to our vet... he knew we LOVED our Bulldogs and we had recently lost one of our babies. so, he called and asked if we wanted him. Sorry i can't help, but be patient and it could take months to find the right breeder and then more time before they have a litter
I thought I was getting an Olde English Bulldoge like the mom of the litter when I saw them at 12 days old. Who'd have thought a Frenchie had sneaked in? I am in love with the breed.
It was about a year for us too, but well worth the wait as Hazel is just so good and calm.