Who else has raised their Frenchie from a puppy?


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Jun 3, 2013
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Most of the questions I ask on here will be puppy specific, so I just want to get an idea of how many people have experience and wisdom!
I have not raised a Frenchie puppy specifically, but raised many bulldog puppies :)

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I got Chelios when he was 8 months old, so he was past puppy stage.
Would you say their temperaments are pretty similar?

Absolutley not. Each pup will differ in temperament. Some pups are "docile" while others are "alpha". Some pups are big chewers while others just want to cuddle. Some are inbetween. The key to training each pup differs from their personality type, but the training should be very similar no matter what personality type you have. Consistency and leadership is the key. I find that many puppies end up being misbahaved due to the owner's ability to be consistent. (LIKE MY POOKIE BEAR!) :rofl: I'm a softie when it comes to him and during his young puppy phase I did not take as much time as I should have with training. Now I am trying endlessly to reverse it but he's a smart little turd. :D
Thank you! That's very helpful. I live with my sister who is a school teacher currently on vacation. She thinks I should be the primary bearer of discipline since he's technically my dog, but I tell her that if I discipline him for something and she doesn't it will only confuse him. Consistence is key! Can I get an amen?
We recently just got Hazel and she is almost 3 years old, but I have raised several English Bulldog pups, and as [MENTION=1]bullmama[/MENTION] said, it's all about the training. All pups are different and have different challenges, but are worth it in the end. They will try your patience, but just keep your cool and be patient and they will bring you more love than you could ever imagine.
Just remember and tell your sister the same thing, and you may already know this, but you can only discipline him for the things you catch him doing. After the fact he will not know what he is getting in trouble for. Plus on potty training, if he potties in the house it is your fault not his. It's your fault for not taking him out when he needed to go. At first you will think that's all you do is take him out and sometimes that's all you will do, but he will learn in time.
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Frenchies have a bit of more energy than your typical english but that's not to say they aren't closely related. They are both in the smooshy face family which carries it's own issue's so in that sense yes they are quite similar. Bull headed, yep. both breeds. So typically I would raise them both the same. As far as heat, cold, grooming, all that's the same, only difference in the grooming dept. is frenchies ears are less likely to become infected because the get more air in there.
I got Stella when she was just a pup. I have to say that she has probably been the most difficult puppy I have ever raised though. Lol
I have raised 6 EBs from pups and my Buster is half OEB, half FB. One major difference is how playful Buster is and I can see a real eagerness to please. It's like he'll run up along side me and look up and say, "Here I am, Mom! What can I do to please you?" He is an amazing puppy!
Charlie is the same way! He'll follow me or my sister around all of the time. Unless it's to the kitchen. The kitchen is where all of the loud noises are so he doesn't really like to go in there haha.
Crate training question! Okay so today was the first time Charlie was left in his crate while not sleeping. It was only for about an hour and a half, and he had a kong and another toy in there. I left the door to my room open and the TV on in the living room so he wouldn't feel isolated. When I pulled up in my driveway I could hear him barking, but when I got in the house and in to my room he got really quiet and just sat there patiently to be let out. That's good right? Is there anything I should be doing differently? Am I moving too fast with leaving him alone in his kennel?
You did good, as long as he is quiet, then you can let him out. He will get used to it.
But when I let him out at night to go to the bathroom it's because he's whimpering. Is that confusing him? I'm probably over thinking this.
You might be overthinking things just a bit, but that's normal for your first. He'll get use to being in the crate when you are not home, it's safer in there for him , than if he were left to wander. At night try putting in that old shirt that you just wore. he'll cuddle up with your scent and won't feel so all alone. Watch the water intake just before bedtime. Small bladders hold less. If you let him out at a consistent time each night it will help with the training. Say if you go to bed at 10pm his last call for potty should be 9:45 and his last drink at 8 or 8:30 pm. having a routine helps him to realize it's soon bedtime. A kong with peanut butter in it after he's gone potty for last call , every night at the same time will let him know what's coming next, bedtime. and in a few days he'll know what to expect. Just like a human baby, schedule is everything
So far our bed time has been 9 pm. He's usually exhausted by that time and so am I lol. When I go in to my room he crawls right in to his kennel and falls asleep for a few hours. It's only after the first time he wakes up to go outside that he needs a little help going to sleep. I found hanging my hand off the side of my bed so that the backs of my fingers are coming through the sides at the edge of the crate works wonders. Letting him wake me up to go out is correct though? Or should I be setting an alarm for myself every few hours to let him out?
Puppies are like kids, common sense is the key on the training. Do not let him do, as young pup, anything you do not like when he turns old.
Sometimes, we think it is cute because they are young and small, but when they are older we think is annoying, like jumping on people.....
Just use NO and mean it, they are easy to train , extremely smart. Take him/her everywhere you go, with no time you will have a great dog.
To take them out everyday at the same time is the key to great success. When they are just few weeks, we went out every hour on the clock
little by little every two hours, then three and then...................they are perfect

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