I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Zayla~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Florida


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Central Florida
Age: 5 yrs
Sex: Female
Weight: 22 lbs
Kids: Yes 5+
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Not required
Adoption Fee: $500

When Zayla arrived at FBRN the main health concern that we had for her was her allergies. Her allergies were to the point that there was virtually no fur on her back. While in foster care, it was determined that she is definitely allergic to fleas and will need to be kept on a flea preventative at all times. She may have other allergies that have yet to be pinpointed, but she has been eating Acana Pacifica in case of food allergies. Zayla also gets thorough wipe downs and weekly baths to help treat these allergies. It is possible that once her allergies have been completely pinpointed the food and baths might not need to be continued. Zayla has also been having minor ear infections and gets medication once a day and her ears are kept clean. This should also slow down once her allergies are under control! She looks better than she did when she came to FBRN and has almost a full coat of fur now! There is some scarring where fur might not grow back, but that is minimal. Her new forever family should understand that these allergies need to be kept up with and be diligent about her care.

Zayla definitely has three pluses going for her. She loves kids, likes cats, and loves other dogs! She is the perfect dog for kids and interacts great with them! She won’t have any problems in a house with kids and her ideal home would not be with newborns, so that all the love and attention can be centered on her. She also loves dogs just as much and cuddles with her foster fur sisters! When dogs play around Zayla she stands and watches with her tail wagging as they play. It’s possible that she doesn’t know how to join in the fun of playtime. She’ll be great in a home with other dogs as long as her new family understands she gets the most kisses!

Zayla is a little love bug. She would do great in any type of home or apartment. There is no reason that there needs to be a fence, as she can walk well on a leash. This girl would prefer someone who is home most of the day, but she would do great with just a mid-day potty break or a dog walker! Her ideal home would be one where she can be the center of attention. A household with Frenchie experience would be great because of her allergies but not a deal breaker. She would also make a great work companion as she is laid back and has a medium energy level.

Zayla’s potty training is a work in progress. When she first came to FBRN she was not potty trained. Now for the most part she does her business outside, but will have occasional accidents in the house. If she is crated at night she will likely have an accident, but if she sleeps in bed with her human she can make it through the night. Potty training will be a work with her forever family, but with a set schedule we’re confident that she’ll master it!

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