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Oct 29, 2013
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Okay...here is Bindie Bomb who is now 11 months on the 29th....she is looking good I think...very square, cob by and bully! She is in her terrible 2,s right now,bossing everyone around that she can. Question...will her nose totally darken or stay a bit liver color? I was hoping for a black button nose!:evil:


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It's about as dark as it will get. The blondes tend to have a little lighter nose. She is a beauty though.
She is a cutie pie!
She's a beauty! Like David said her nose is the color it is going to be!
She is the cutest thing!

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Oh good! I was hoping you would like her! I am a bit disappointed that it won't fill in but I think she is a beauty and her coat is two toned,not all cream....she has red hues which makes me know that she would not get that black nose! I have 6 chihuahuas now and she is the wrestling queen with them! I used to raise and show boxers but between the two extremes,if I could have six or seven of these frawg dawgs I would! Just love love love their looks and personalities!!
Does she have the darker stripe down the center of her back and around the tips of her ears? Gidget has that. I have always thought of her as cream, but the breeder wrote get up as fawn... Not that I care in the least. Gidget does have more of a liver color nose as well. She is just over 1 yr..
Bindie is SUPER cute! Very good looking dog. Don't get your hopes up that the black will stay on the nose. Unfortunately I have watched many of my dogs noses turn from black to pink over the years. I have not read to find out why this happens, but as they age it does tend to happen in some dogs. Hopefuly Bindie will keep her black nose, but she will be super duper cute even with a pink nose. :)
Haha,I think she will have a pink rabbit nose! Anne,yes,she has barker striping down the middle of her back,the backs of her ears and the tip of her tail....she looks cream but air brushed with a fawn tinting.......I hope she doesn't grow out of that!

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