I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Broccoli~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in New Jersey


Apr 23, 2013
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Name: Broccoli
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Color: honey pied
Weight: 21 pounds
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Spayed/Neutered Before Placement: N/A
Temperament: Friendly and Outgoing
Activity Level: Active in Play only
Likes Dogs: Likes all Dogs
Likes Cats: Unfamiliar with Cats
Likes Kids: Yes
Object Aggression: Not at All
Veterinary Status: Yes
Handicapped: No
Medical Issues: No
Crate Trained: Yes
Housebroken: Almost
Formal Training: No
Shipping Okay: No
Requested Fee: $500
Reason for Placement: One of the East Coast 12
Ideal Home: Broccoli will need and deserves a forever home in which someone will always be home. She would do well with another small, fun-loving dog as a sibling. Due to her extremely smooshed face she will have to have a home with central air conditioning and not be conservative with its use. Broccoli’s new mom/dad will have to be very patient and understanding of the behaviors that I listed previously and may have to make concessions to accommodate her needs.

Broccoli is a typical Frenchie girl, looking for a forever home where she will be spoiled. She likes playing with her foster-brother very much and often times engages him in play. She has never met a toy she doesn’t like. If she could, she would gather all her toys into one spot, but she would surely share them, on an as needed basis with a furbutt brother or sister. Broccoli is cautious with people initially, but once you have earned her trust, her heart is wide open to receive and give love and companionship. Once this happens, her trust in you is unconditional. So much so, that she will leap off the floor into your arms, trusting that you will catch her. She trusts that you will be there to quiet her songs for attention. She doesn’t want, nor does she deserve, to sit in a crate for one moment more in her very young life. This girl is going to make someone an amazing companion. She wants to please, to warm your lap, and follow your every move. She will happily trot along side you, keeping your pace while you walk. She is just a tiny thing, with short little legs – so you need to walk slower than normal to account for that shorter stride. She does have some residual behaviors that can be modified with time and attention. She won’t eat unless you are in the room with her. You can move about the room working on anything at all, but you MUST be in the same room as her. She wakes up often in the night, to sing a sad song of loneliness (and she can be quite long-winded).

Wanna adopt?

Please visit the French Bulldog Village's website and fill out an application. Read the Adoption information and fill out an application, make sure you read and understand their adoption process.

Here is the link:


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Please let them know you found them on French Bulldog News! :)
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Broccoli has been adopted :heart: